Total Turns: 31

Part 001 (11/30/14) - 10 Turns [Class]Edit

  1. Ryukyu enters the classroom on the first day of school.
  2. Ryo sits at the back of the room as she appears to draw.
  3. Ryukyu sits beside her, hoping to relax and not be noticed.
  4. Ryo notices him walking towards her. As he sits down, she glances at him.
  5. Ryukyu sees her glance at him through the corner of his eyes, pretending not to notice, assuming she wasn't looking at him.
  6. Ryo looks away, thinking he'd notice her if she stared too long. Rising her shoulders, she leaned close to her drawing, blushing a bit
  7. Ryukyu ;ooks to his left and right, trying to get to at least know the faces of his classmates sitting near him. Consequently seeing her seeing her seemingly caught up in her drawing.
  8. Ryo tried to glance at him again, meeting eyes with him. Eyes growning wide, she blush darkens. As quickly she could, she looked away and acted like nothing had just happened.
  9. Mr. Shinaku walks in after the class was filled, introducing himself.
  10. As class went by, Ryo pays attention to the teacher, though not entirely, as she was still emberassed from being noticed by Ryukyu

Part 002 (12/01/14) - 08 Turns [Meeting]Edit

  1. Ryukyu mutually listened, though she would keep on going in and out of his mind.
  2. When lunch arrives, Ryo sits at a table by herself, eating and drawing in her sketch book.
  3. Ryukyu sits at the same table, though on the other side of it, setting down a tray of food.
  4. Ryo stops eating and drawing, nervously straightening her back, looking at him. Finding the courage, she softly says "What's your name?"
  5. Looking at her, he replies with "Hm?", saying it a bit louder than she did, apparently not having quite understood what she said.
  6. Ryo repeated herself.
  7. Ryukyu scoots in front of her, dragging his lunch tray wtih him so he could speak a bit softer. Naming himself Ryukyu Sadano, he says he goes by Ryu,
  8. Responding, she says her first name is Ryo.

Part 003 (01/10/15) - 13 Turns [Introductions]Edit

  1. Ryukyu smiled a little, looking over at her drawing as he attempted to see what it was she was drawing. Failing, he asked what she was drawing
  2. Ryo said that she was drawing the shapes of bodies, naming them bases.
  3. Looking a bit more a the drawings, Ryyukyu complimented her.
  4. Thanking him, she blushed a bit, looking down for a quick moent, only to look back up at him with a smile. She asked him if he drew.
  5. Ryukyu sighed a bit, peering down. "I used to," he said.
  6. Ryo asked, "What happened?"
  7. Looking even furhter down, his eyes indicating that he was looking into the past, still hurt by it. 'I'd rather not talk about it," he said.
  8. Ryo told him not to worry and that she wouldn't pressure him into doing so, following this with a question as to if he liked sports
  9. Looking back at her, he showed that he was cheered up, though still was thinking about his past. Responding to the question, he said they're okay, twitching the corner of his mouth to express indifference. He added, "I think running is kind of fun."
  10. Continueing, Ryo said that she wasn't much of a runner, but she liked to swim instead.
  11. Ryukyu responded, "Swimming's alright, I never really got swimming down all that well, though."
  12. Ryo asked him if he was joining the track team this year.
  13. He said he didn't know.